Those sleeping arrangements

A year ago I made a post about sleep.  You can find it here:

I was going through a bout of a couple good nights sleep, followed by awful.  I reminded myself that eventually, it’d have to change…And it did.

Once the babies were about 14 months old, we finally moved them out our room and upstairs to their’s.  Initially, it was a little difficult. They’d wake. They wouldn’t sleep. And slowly over time, we saw slight improvements.
Until about a month ago, we would let them fall asleep and transfer them into their beds.  That worked a while, then it got exhausting. Not to mention, Griffin would NOT sleep in his crib upstairs and would NOT sleep in his pack and play in our room.  Often, he was in our bed.  Once I reached a point that was no longer working, we changed the set up again.

For about the past month, the babies have a new routine. This includes me going into their room and laying on a mattress for about 10minutes while they fall asleep. This lets them know I’m in the room so they don’t cry in excess, but doesn’t involve me holding them. And it’s been working. Likewise, Griffin, IF he wakes, comes and sleeps on a mattress in our room- NOT in our bed.  This is MY form of extinction. There have been 3 nights when Griffin has slept in HIS crib, in HIS room..ANd there have been NUMEROUS of nights I don’t have to wake and hold a baby or take them to the bonus room to sleep on the couch or floor.

My point is this: These past two years, I’ve followed my gut and my heart regarding sleeping.  There were trying days and nights… But I reminded myself that i was dealing with quadruplets. What might be one bad night for parents with only one toddler easily becomes 4 bad nights for me.  On the flip, they have been great at napping.  I didn’t want to feel like I had to resort to measures that I didn’t feel were appropriate or helpful. I didn’t want to resort to having to hear them cry until they puked….

And guess what? They typically sleep well.  And they continue to develop just wonderfully.

So- you newer moms, especially you newer moms of multiples- do what works for you. If cry-it-out doesn’t work for you, there is hope!  It truly DOES get better with time….

now….since I’ve said that, I want to prepare myself that tonight might possibly end up a train wreck because that’s how they like to trick me!

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